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30 November 2006

File Back-up & Syncronization

Anyone who has had a hard drive failure, or had a lap top or other data gathering peripheral stolen, will know the value of keeping up-to-date back-ups of all important data and images. The trouble is backing up data manually can be a real pain so many of us tend to get sloppy about it and do it on a kind of peace meal arrangement. It becomes particularly difficult when you spend a long time working on files or keep going back to them to make changes because then you have to make sure the file that is backed up is the most recent. It's time consuming and boring to say the least. What is needed is a efficient piece of software that not just backs up files but synchronises them automatically. GoodSync is a fee piece of software that does just that. It's easy and reasonably straight forward to use. You can back up everything or just individual files. They can be backed up to virtually any location and can be made to run automatically or manually as you wish. I wish I had installed this a long time ago but now I've got it set up my back-up worries are solved.
Click on image for a better view of the screen shot.

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