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29 January 2006


It's been a while since I last posted a blog so having just returned from holiday I thought now would be an ideal time to get back to it.
We have just had a weeks holiday in Egypt on a Nile cruise. Booked at short notice one 4 days before hand. We had done it before, 10 years ago, and always thought it would be something we would do a second time.
There were 60 passengers on the boat so just enough that you could get to know everyone, and in the main we all got on realy well. Quite a few of our fellow passengers were on their second or third trip.
The thing I really like about this location as a holiday is that you get to see how 'the other half' really live. It's almost like travelling back in time 200 yrs on one hand with a sureal mix of modern life thrown in. People do live in mud brick houses with no proper roofs and compacted mud floors but they still have satelite TV. Farming is very much a manual thing with maybe an outdated Massey Ferguson tractor shared among all the farmers in the region if they are lucky. Donkey carts and camels are the main forms of transport on dry land. People share their accommodation with their water buffalow or goats but they may still have a mobile phone.
These people may not have much by our standards but they always seemed to be happy.
If you would like to see the photographs I took go to