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14 November 2008

Bad day

I had a bad day again yesterday. seems I'm not quite over the caffeine withdrawal after all. I had a headache all day despite regularly taking paracetamol to combat it at the advice of my GP. They made no difference. To be honest, it wasn't a thumper but I was concious of it and found it hard to concentrate on anything much because of it. What if really hate about such niggling headaches is how they seem to affect my whole day. I couldn't find anything to smile about and everything seemed to go wrong. OK, I know that's just a warped perception of the day building negative energy and causing me to look at the black side of things rather than the seeing the positives but knowing that didn't help.
I could have just grabbed a cup of normal tea of coffee and cleared my head but I was determined to stretch it out longer. I knew I had gone 72 hours before between caffeine fixes so I needed to make sure I went at least that this time. the trouble was that would mean the next time I could have a caffeine fix would be my after diner coffee and that would likely cause me another sleepless night. There was nothing for it but to stick it out until this morning making it a good 80 hours between 'fixes'. As I woke this morning my headache was nestled in well behind my left eye and throbbed at me as I sat up. No matter, I was going to have two mugs of normal tea with my breakfast...Yes!
Breakfast was 2 hours ago now and my headache is 90% better. Not totally banished I have to say but I'm sure it will be soon. At least I feel more positive today which is good because I have a lot of work to get through.

11 November 2008

Downside of being caffeine free

Yes, that's right, I can now claim to have beaten the caffeine thing. Once I got the hang of it, it was all quite painless really. The downside is that last night I made a cup of filter coffee after my dinner as usual only I accidentally used the wrong coffee. Normal coffee rather then decaf. I didn't think much of it at the time as one cup of caffeinated coffee wasn't going to kill me and probably wouldn't make much difference to my digestion. It was not until I went to bed that I realised the difference. It took me at least 3 hours before I finally went to sleep. I couldn't believe it, I'd never had problems sleeping after coffee before and always thought people who said coffee kept them awake were exaggerating but there I was wide awake and concious that I was going to have to get up in another 4 hours. Best not make that mistake again.

05 November 2008

Sciatica & Caffeine Withdrawal

OK, enough was enough, I still have the 'Sciatica' or what ever it is so I went to see my GP this morning. He didn't know what was causing it but has ordered some x-rays but he thinks what ever it is I've had it a long time but the pain has been masked by the caffeine I'd been taking in my tea as caffeine is an analgesic. This is why it has become a problem now I'm almost totally decaf. I'm beginning to feel like I'm falling apart.
It will be over a week before I can get the x-rays done and then another 3 weeks before my GP has the results. Hey Ho!

04 November 2008


I had to have a normal cup of tea this morning as I woke up with the beginnings of another headache. Still, that's OK because it was 45 hours since I last had a caffeinated drink. I must be almost there.

03 November 2008

Caffeine...who needs it?

We spent the weekend in the New Forest visiting my mother-in-law. I managed on just normal tea on Saturday morning and a normal coffee Sunday mid morning when the first signs of a headache returned. Apart from sciatica that came on Friday night and which I don't think is connected, I've not had any other adverse effects. I have not had any caffeinated drinks since the coffee on Sunday so I think I've probably got this sorted now although I did fall asleep after lunch today. I simply could not keep my eyes open. My indigestion has improved since being off the caffeine so now I just need to get rid of this sciatica!