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05 November 2008

Sciatica & Caffeine Withdrawal

OK, enough was enough, I still have the 'Sciatica' or what ever it is so I went to see my GP this morning. He didn't know what was causing it but has ordered some x-rays but he thinks what ever it is I've had it a long time but the pain has been masked by the caffeine I'd been taking in my tea as caffeine is an analgesic. This is why it has become a problem now I'm almost totally decaf. I'm beginning to feel like I'm falling apart.
It will be over a week before I can get the x-rays done and then another 3 weeks before my GP has the results. Hey Ho!


John Bryson said...

you're going to start getting headaches!!!!

Sally T said...

Been there; got the t-shirt :-)