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24 March 2010

Film Scanner

I now have a film scanner which will allow me to work from negatives supplied by clients where I am otherwise unable to take the photographs myself and the client does not have access to a digital camera.  35mm or medium format film only.  All negatives will be returned once scanned.

10 March 2010

National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

NAPP is an association for Photoshop users run by the Photoshop guru Scott Kelby.  It allows members access to a comprehensive range of training videos and tutorials as well as tons of other benefits.  There is a help desk to answer any questions or resolve any problems with Photoshop or Lightroom, members forum, discounts on purchasing hardware and software including Adobe software, a magazine produced 8 times a year and much much more.  It's even recognised by Adobe themselves. Interested?  just click on the image below to find out more.
Where everyone learns Photoshop - National 
Association of Photoshop Professionals

01 March 2010

Sabadell Airport, Ideal for Barcelona GA

After our trip to Futuroscope we flew off in search of some sun.  The only place in Europe that had any decent weather at the time was Barcelona.  Previously when visiting Barcelona we had used the main airport but that is horrendously expensive for general aviation (GA) so we decided to go to a smaller airfield about 12 miles west of Barcelona called Sabadell. 
Sabadell airport turned out to be the perfect choice for GA wishing to visit Barcelona.  Landing fees and parking fees are dirt cheap.  We paid less than 6 Euros for landing and 3 days parking!  Avgas is available and supplied by BP.  There is a restaurant on the airfield and vending machines in the terminal.  A taxi into Barcelona will cost you 35 Euros and take about 20-25 minutes but the railway line runs right next to the airfield with Sadabell Sud station almost touching the fence.  Unfortunately it is on the wrong side of the airfield but a taxi to the station will only cost about 5 Euros and a single ticket into Barcelona just over 4 Euros.  (I'm not sure what a return cost)  The journey by train took about 25 minutes to Catalonia Square which is just at the top of the famous Ramblas in Barcelona.  You can just make out the railway line in these photos although the station isn't quite visible.