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04 December 2006

Brac - Jumping for Joy

Well it's been over a month since I talked about my baby so I felt it was time to give him another mention. Not that he's achieved anything of note recently. Here he is doing one of the things he loves most...jumping. Be it a park bench or a fallen tree, he wants me to send him over it. Yes, that's right, he won't just help himself. He actually wants to be sent. Part of the pleasure appears to be working to orders. It's a border collie/working sheep dog thing. They have been bred to serve their owners and if they can do that whilst also having fun then life for them is complete. There are exceptions to this however. Get him anywhere near an agility ring and he will help himself. Take your eye off him for 2 seconds and he will be on the sea saw or running through a tunnel. He'll make up a course all by himself and wonder why the hell I'm not keeping up!
He's just as keen when it comes to obedience training although, slightly more controlled. I'm sure I could do heel work with him all day and he would still be looking for more. The one thing he can't stand is sitting on the sidelines waiting his turn. He a 'doing' dog and patience really isn't his strong point. It is this zeal for life and enthusiasm in all things that makes him so lovable.

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