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30 December 2006

So that was 2006?

It seems to have gone in the blink of an eye but I guess we all say that as we get older. What matters is what we manage to achieve. Strangely enough I ended up achieving things I hadn't thought of but those I planned fell by the way-side. I intended to do more gliding this year but all I did apart from a few local flights was one cross country where I landed out in a sheep field.
Brac and I won a hole bunch of rosettes in Obedience but only one first place when I was aiming for 3. Still, not bad but we're going to have to work on that next year. I did however compete at Crufts, something I shall certainly remember.
I started a new career as a Pet Portraitist, not something I had given any consideration to in advance, but something that really seems to be taking off.
I also discovered and got in touch with some relatives I didn't know I had thanks to my genealogy research.
I don't go in for making resolutions at New Year but I do think it is good to set goals. My goals for next year will certainly include building up my Pet Portrait business and qualifying out of Beginners at Obedience but if I am going to be able to sit here this time next year and look back on my achievements with satisfaction I need not just to set the goals but to define a strategy and that is often my weak point.

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