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15 November 2006

Search Engine Optimization

I've been doing a lot of research into search engine optimization (SEO) recently to try to boost my web site ranking. You can of course spend a fortune hiring the services of a professional to do it for you but I much prefer doing these things myself. This can sometimes be a mistake but I'm going to go there anyway. I have, however, just been given a big helping hand in the form of a free 56 page e-book called Search Engine Secrets. If you click on the title above it will take you to a web site offereing SEO services. You are presented with a pop-up window where you can register to be e-mailed the e-book. It will prompt you to also register for a free 25 minute councelling service but you don't need to complete this to get the book.
A friend of mine recommended it to me and sure enough the book is full of useful tips. It is easy to read and the steps that are recommended in the book are generally quite straight forward to implement. It doesn't guarantee over night success but it will certainly point you in the right direction.

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