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19 November 2006


We've been off on our flying travels again this weekend, this time to Brugge, Belgium. Our aircraft is currently having it's engine rebuilt so we were not able to fly ourselves. Instead with hitched with some friends of ours who had spare seats going. Paul, my husband, took the right hand seat in a Robin while I deserted him for a Squirrel helicopter. Well, a girl likes to travel in style!
We landed at Ostend and got the train into Brugge, all very quick and efficient. A short taxi to the hotel and we were ready to explore. I would thoroughly recommend Brugge as a destination for a weekend. The cobbled streets are flanked by 16 & 17 C building and threaded through with a canal system that gives it the feel of Amsterdam. The people are extreemly friendly and helpful and the place generally has a happy & relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants are plentyful although bars are not so obvious, and when you do find them, they are generally very packed.
This is a mecca for chocoholics. You will be spoilt for choice here. Cheese, salami, lace & tapestry are also sold abundantly here. Shops are open on Sundays so plenty of time for buying. Other passtimes include, museums, galleries, cannal trips, carriage rides and if you are energetic, a climb up the town hall bell tower pictured here.

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