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27 November 2006

Bookmark Icons

Ever wondered how you can get your web site to show those neat little icons in front of the url in the browser search bar or with the page title when the page is bookmarked? The 'blogger' logo on this site for instance that is sitting in your browser search field. Well if you are prepared to fiddle a little you can have your own one on your web site too.

First you will need a small program that creates icons. I use a piece of free software called PixelToolbox that quickly creates icons from any jpeg image on your hard drive. Save the icon to your local web site file as "favicon.ico".

Now open up your web editing software and display your index page. You will need to go into html mode to edit the code.

Copy this piece of code -

link rel="shortcut icon" href="/Images/pet-portraits/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /

This code will need to be placed into the head section on your web page. I.e. after the opening head tag and before the closing head tag. This section of code must be enclosed with <>. (I could not include the opening and closing brackets with the code because Blogger would not allow it.)

If your icon file is not in your images file then you will need to go to your properties dialogue box to locate the file or type the path direct into the code.

Save your page and up-lode it together with your icon and hey presto, your icon should appear in the search bar when displaying your site.

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