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30 April 2007

Happy Dog

Brac had another visit to the vets this morning. This time for his annual booster jabs. While he was there the vet took another look at his foot. She was so happy with the speed it appeared to be healing she gave me the all clear to take him out for GENTLE walks. Provided his foot was booted up of course. After my initial relief I suddenly started to feel paranoid. I live in North Kent where flints are everywhere and I am now worrying that he will go straight out and do it again. "Come on, this is silly." I say to myself but it's a nagging thought. I eventually settle for the most boring piece of playing field where the grass is well kept and very flat to take him for his first taste of freedom in nearly two weeks. Brac didn't seem to mind the lack of scenery and simply couldn't wait to take flight. His disappointment at the end of the walk when I told him to get back in the car though was palpable. I'm sure he thought he might have to wait another 2 weeks before the next one.


A Margarita said...

Awesome! I'm glad he's doing better. I bet he was overjoyed to be up and outside.
I spent some time in a dog park this weekend. Simply being surrounded by our four-legged friends soothes me. Nice owners let me play with their pooch. (Not surprisingly, I wasn't the only there without a dog.)

Mim said...

That's really good to hear! :) Thank you so much for your kind words. You don't know how much it means when friends (be they new or old) care and show it!
I may be sending you the picture from Angus memorium post for a portrait. I only had him for a little while but I'd like to have his memory forever!
If it's too blurry for a portrait I have others :)

Sally T said...

Hi Mim
That's great about the portrait. I do need a sharp image though and the largest resolution / image size possible. You will find my contact details on my web site at

Dianne said...

What a beautiful dog!

I'm off to vote for you. Good luck!

Sally T said...

Thank you and thank you plus a 'woof' from Brac :-)