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19 April 2007

Bad News for Brac

For most, the obedience season is well under way and Brac and I are entered in our first show of the season at Newham this Saturday. His training over the winter months has really come on and he is as enthusiastic as ever. Everything was looking good for this weekend until yesterday. I took him for a walk as usual and just as we were on our return home he cut his paw on a flint.
The cut was right on his main pad on a back leg and about 1.5cm long. It bled quite a bit but at the time he was not particularly bothered by it and quite happy to finish the walk home without the slightest limp. Having cleaned and dressed it he then decided he was only going to walk on 3 legs as if I had amputated his back leg at the hock! This morning I changed the dressing and the cut has stopped bleeding but was weeping a little. I think it is unlikely to heal sufficiently for the show and it will certainly be a few weeks before I can allow him to continue with his agility training that he loves. Still, he's a good patient, he's quite happy for me to treat his foot and he doesn't chew his bandage so I don't have to make him wear a lampshade!
Our next show isn't until the 12th May so he's got plenty of time to recover...fingers crossed!

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