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16 April 2007

Full of the Joys of Spring

Isn't this just a fantastic time of year? I love the spring. Everything seems so fresh. I get up in the mornings and look out on my garden that seems to change daily as the plants push into new life. My cherry trees are in full bloom and the wisteria will soon follow. Birds are singing and sorting out territories. I even have a pair of collared doves nesting in one of my trees right opposite my bedroom window. I hope they stay but they are facing quite a bit of hassle from a pair of magpies who originally were nesting in the neighbouring tree but were chased of by the collared doves!
Blue tits, starlings and sparrows are also nesting in my garden and I am waiting to see if the blackbirds return to a bush they nested in last year. Like the doves, the starlings nest site is also under contention. Not from magpies but squirrels who occupied the nest box over the winter and have been reluctant to give it up. Starlings are quite tenacious though and are quick to move in once the squirrels leave to forage. Arguments between them are common but my money is on the starlings.
I'll let you know who wins.

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