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24 April 2007

Brac - A Long Road but We're Heading in the Right Direction

Brac went for a check-up at the vets this morning to make sure his paw was healing properly and the infection was in check. Unlike most dogs, Brac loves the vets. He want to make friends with every vet and nurse and if possible, lick their ears out. Smart dog, he knows who he needs to keep on his side. Just as you and I should never seek to make a enemy of our dentist Brac knows to keep in with the veterinary staff.
He got a big thumbs up from the vet and I was told it was healing better than expected. Great, I'm thinking, another few days and we can start going for walks again. Wrong. Despite it's progress we will still need to wait between 2-3 weeks before I can take him for a walk. Poor dog, he lives to run and have fun, and he having to be turned into a couch potato. I must say though, he has been extremely good about it. I thought he would have been climbing the walls with frustration by now but instead he is turning into a complete sook, lapping up as much pampering as he can get.
PS. Little tip for anyone else dealing with a foot wound on a dog. Cotton baby mittens make excellent dressings, once the wound has stopped bleeding, held in place around the cuff with a small amount of cohesive bandage. They keep the wound clean while still allowing the air to circulate. As they are cotton you can boil wash then in a saucepan. Primark sell packets of 4 mittens for 50p. Of course, if your dog goes outside you will need a waterproof covering so I use a Mikki boot which is a specially made dog boot but you could probably improvise on this too.


A Margarita said...

Ah, poor baby! Glad to see he's getting better. It's good to see he realizes the vet is a good person.
My Shit-zhu is terrified of the vet. She knows it's the place where they give her shots. We set her on the floor of the parking lot of the vet's office, she sniffs, and tries to climb back into the car.

Sally T said...

My previous dog, Jack, used to hate the vets. He was a tricolour collie cross. He would tremble and sometimes you would have to carry him in. I don't think he ever felt the jabs though, I think they smell the fear of the other sick animals in the waiting room. Somehow, Brac is more thick skinned which is good seeing how accident prone he is.