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10 December 2007

Sometimes I just hate Mondays!

You might think that people who work for themselves don't get Monday blues but you would be wrong. If any day of the week is going to be a bad one you can bet your life Monday will be it for me. Since my shoulder injury I have not been able to get a comfortable nights sleep. I cannot find a comfortable position laying down no matter which side I lay on. So I try sleeping propped up on loads of pillows in a semi reclined position. The result is I don't sleep that well and when I finally do get off, usually in the early hours, I end up slipping down the pillows and laying on my bad shoulder so that when I wake up it hurts like hell. This morning was no exception. I have Co-codamol to take which is probably not helping my mood and I've recently been given sleeping pills which I am too scared to take for fear they will increase my chances of becoming depressed. So anyway, not a happy bunny this morning with a very stiff shoulder. At 11 am I had a physio session which only increases my sense of feeling down. The physio asks me to make some really simply insignificant movements with my elbow that no matter how much I try I can't do. She didn't seem alarmed by this but I felt extremely disappointed as even when she made the task easier for me all I could manage was a twitch and not without some discomfort. I went back to my car that was parked in amongst some trees nose in which is something I never normally do except this is one of those car parks that is laid out so that you can only park one way. As I pull out my front nearside wing collides with a yew tree. The quarter light was ripped out of the bodywork and there is a huge dent in the wing.
When I got home my mum rang to say she had just returned safely from her two month trip to Australia and to thank me for looking after things for her. I wanted to sound happy and welcoming and be all interested in what she had done but I couldn't and that has made me feel even worse. I told her what was wrong when she asked but that still isn't the kind of reception she should have got and I'm not sure I have the mental energy at present to cope with the tales she'll want to tell.
Roll on Tuesday. The sun is supposed to be shining tomorrow and there is another opportunity to try and get some sleep before hand.


Miriam said...

Oh honey, that stinks. i hope it starts feeling better really soon!

A Margarita said...

Ouch, I hope it starts to feel better soon. I know what it is to be so focused on something that you can't focus on anything else even if you wanted to. Things may seem rosier tomorrow :)