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05 December 2007

The Eternal Optimist

I took this photo 2 days ago on the heath when Brac decided size did matter when it came to sticks. Having uploaded it to flickr one of my contacts noted what a confident dog he appears to be. She was totally right of course because thankfully Brac has tons of confidence.
Today when I got him out of the car for a walk he was instantly set upon by two abnormally objectionable poodles. He did his best to ignore them even though they kept trying to head him off. He didn't even give them a growl. He got clear of them, ran after me and on passing me a few yards rounded a corner and came face to face with two springer spaniels who also took objection to him and had a go. Poor dog, it just wasn't his day but I was so impressed that he didn't so much as curl a lip. It was third time lucky though because next he met a couple of Westies and they were as happy with him as he was with them.
One thing I don't believe in is being over protective as I think that just induces nervousness. It is true that confidence was one of the characteristics I looked for when I chose him as a puppy but that is something easily lost and I am sure that by not fussing and showing concern myself when he gets into situations I have helped him retain his outgoing nature. That's not to say I wouldn'd get involved if I had to. He has on three separate occasions now been attacked by German shepherds and each time I had to intervene to get the shepherd off but I don't them pamper Brac and fuss over him or give him any indication that I was worried about the situation. This aside it still has not put him off making friends with GSD's, he simply avoids the ones that have been nasty.


Miriam said...

Go Brac Go! He's certainly not afraid is he! He's got to keep those jaws strong!

Side Roads of Europe said...

That is one big stick. What a good dog he is. My dogs were always totally out of control. I think it was their owner's fault, not theirs.