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07 December 2007

Frustrated Woodpecker

Just five minutes ago I was alerted to the sound of a woodpecker creating a fuss. When I looked out of the window I saw it was a female great spotted. She was looking for a nest box probably to roost in and had mistaken my bat boxes for for nest boxes. On not finding the hole she was clearly getting quite agitated but didn't want to give up and even tried knocking her own hole through. She tried from every angle to no avail before flying off and trying out a tit box for size. The silly thing is there is a woodpecker box in the next tree if only she had looked there. Apologies for the poor quality of these shots but this is something that literally just happened outside my study window and all I had to hand was my little pocket camera with minimal zoom. Added to that the tree she was in was at such an acute angle and I could not open the window without scaring her away.


Miriam said...

I have never seen a woodpecker. Aside fromWoody the Woodpecker.

I love hummingbirds though. SO beautiful.

A Margarita said...

I marvel at the fact you can simply look out your window and see a woodpecker.

Sally T said...

Well I guess that's the beauty of not living in a city. I would hate not having a garden. Not that I've spent much time in it this year.