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09 August 2007

Aaaah. Whats happened to my routine?

Life seems to have been turned on it's head this last few weeks. Paul is off work until September as he is recuperating following an operation on his feet. Nothing serious but it's totally thrown me. Without him leaving for work during the week, and as I work from home I have no reference points. I forget which day of the week it is. I lost a day completely last week. If that's not bad enough, all the jobs I do by rote during the day have had to be re-arranged. This means that many of them get forgotten. Efficiency has taken a nose dive. I need to reorganise but Paul seems to have other ideas like going flying instead of shopping. (As he has bandages on his feet that means I pilot and he 'back seats'.)
I ought to do some housework as the moment but Paul has decided to re-organise the central heating plumbing. There are tools and bits of copper pipe scattered everywhere.
I need to take control before I disappear beneath a mountain of ironing or starve because the fridge is empty. The trouble is, I don't much like household chores so it doesn't take much to sway me from doing them. That's why I do everything by rote. I don't need much encouragement to abandon it though, and Paul is providing the perfect excuse.
Things are going to get worse too. Next Wednesday I am going into hospital to have my frozen shoulder manipulated under general anaesthetic to try and get it working again. It's going to be agony when I wake up and may need up to 3 months of physio before it is fully functional again. I'm not sure I will be sufficiently disciplined to keep up with the housework under those conditions. But hey, I've been doing it for the past 9 months with a steadily worsening shoulder so maybe it won't be so hard. At least it's my left arm and not my right.


A Margarita said...

Ah, it's good to have you back! I was starting to worry. I hope Paul feels better.

Men can be as time consuming as small children in terms of being productive and getting work done, hehe and I mean that in the best possible way.

Frozen shoulder? Sounds scary. Let us know how it goes.

Sally T said...

I damages my shoulder last November but at the time I just thought I had pulled a muscle in my arm as that was where the pain was. I couldn't understand why it wasn't getting any better. Eventually, last June, I decided I had had enough and went to the doctor who instantly recognised the problem was in the shoulder and not my arm. It was only then that I realised I only had about 50% normal movement in my shoulder. He injected steroids into the joint there and then but warned me this would either fix it completely or not at all. It didn't work but actually made it worse. Since then it has got worse daily so that now I only have about 30% normal movement in it and when I knock it or it gets jerked the pain in my arm is unbelievable. I'm glad I'll be out cold when the consultant gets his hands on it. I think that is as much for his safety as much as my comfort. I'm not looking forward to the next day!

A Margarita said...

Thanks! :)

My goodness, I hope you get 100% feeling back and that the doctor knocks you out cold. Blog away your pain, we'll empathize ;)

Sally T said...

I'll think of you, reclining on a beach towel listening to the waves lapping while you sip on a long cool the anaesthetic wears off...I'll scream!

Mim said...

Oh my goodness. I hope everything goes well and everything works better than it did before.
"They have the technology, they can rebuild you."

Linda said...

Wait until your husband is retired. All bets are off. I almost never know what day it is as every day is the same.
Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope the manipulation fixes it.