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22 July 2007

Catching up

Well, we have been back a week now and I've only just got around to blogging. Poor show really but I do have an excuse apart from the usual unpacking and holiday laundry etc. I've finally bitten the bullet and started re-decorating the lounge. More about that later.
As for the trip, we didn't exactly find an abundance of sun but when it did shine you certainly knew about it. Most days were a mixture of sunshine and showers but as we had a hire car it didn't stop us getting about.
Asturias is a region of Northern Spain that gets few foreign tourists. Hence, few people spoke English and those that did only had a basic grasp. We have become so used to being understood in most European countries that this came as a bit of a challenge. Still, it makes life interesting especially when ordering a meal in a restaurant. Food was good though and they seem to be big eaters.
As for the countryside, it is very mountainous with dense woodland. Bears still live here and it's easy to see how they could go undetected as much of it is virtually impenetrable. the coastline is fairly rugged with sandy beaches. There are many charming towns along the coast with harbours, and fishing boats, bars and restaurants. This is where the Spanish go for their holidays.
Now it's back to normality and the decorating. The lounge has been in need of a make-over for some time now but I kept finding excuses. Paul is away until next weekend so it really was the ideal time to do it so off came the wall paper. Once done, I then realised that there was now no turning back despite discovering that my appetite for re-decorating had suddenly waned. Hey ho, but the only way to get through it is to get on with it so that's what I've been doing. Brac, however, think I have gone stark raving mad. He is acting like the sky is going to fall on his head. His toy box keeps getting moved and he just can't cope with that. He doesn't really like it when I put up the Christmas decorations. change is not one of his strong points :-)


A Margarita said...

Welcome back! Your vacation sounds lovely. It's nice to get off the beaten path. Aww, poor Brac, hehe.

Linda said...

I was in Spain many years ago. I really liked it then. Portugal too. Maybe one of these days I will make it back.

Mim said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was starting to get worried about you.

Sally T said...

Nothing to worry about, we've not been washed away yet. Despite much of the UK having suffered from flooding at some stage this summer I still have a lawn the colour of straw. Better that than 2 foot of water I agree. It would have to get bad for us to get flooded though as we live at the top of a 100' hill. Mind you, sometime when the neighbour has forgotten to turn off her sprinkler the lawn has got a bit soggy my side ;-D

Dianne said...

Welcome home. I missed you but it sounds like a wonderful time. Good luck on the lounge. Don't envy you as I have a ton of work ahead of me too!