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05 July 2007

Off to Find the Sun

We are off on holiday for a week from tomorrow. Initially flying ourselves to Tarbes in France for a private pilots convention and then on to Northern Spain for our holiday proper. Not too sure yet of our itinerary as we will make it up as we go along depending on the weather. Unfortunately the weather there doesn't look any better than it does here...wet and stormy. Still, hopefully we will find some sun. It's certainly been in very short supply this year in our corner of the world.
Brac will have to stay in kennels this time but hopefully next time he will be able to come with us as his passport will be in full effect by then.


A Margarita said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great time jet-setting! Wow, that's cute. I didn't know there were doggie passports.

Sally T said...

They have been in force here about 5 years but only valid for a few countries. To get one you have to have your dog micro chipped, vaccinated against rabies, and regularly worm, flea and tick treated. The latter is done by a trip to the vets 48 hrs prior to your return to the UK.
To check the rabies vaccine has taken your dog has to have a blood test 2 weeks after the treatment and then wait 6 months for it to fully take effect. This means that although I can leave the UK with Brac I can't bring him back until this time is up. Brac's passport won't actually be fully valid for this reason until November as I only had it done a few weeks ago.

John Bryson said...

I didn't do that photo, I would like to get into some cool photography though.

Dianne said...

Okay, I'm jealous but I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Linda said...

Thought you would enjoy this post about animal painting: