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16 August 2007

Over the Worst...I Hope!

I had my manipulation done yesterday. I certainly hope I don't have to go through that ever again. The consultant warned me it would be a 'bit' painful when I came round from the anaesthetic but I think he was being rather too 'British' about that description. It was agony. The recovery nurses kept telling me to relax as it would make the pain easier but they weren't the ones who's arm felt like it was being passed through a mangle! Half an hour and 2 more shots of morphine and I was eventually ready to be released from the recovery room. My arm was still painful but at least it was now within limits of what I could stand. In 10 minutes I was due for my first physio visit but thankfully the nurse managed to persuade the physio to put it back an hour. By the time he did call in to see me the pain had subsided enough for me to be able to bear some gentle movement. I keep saying arm when it was actually my shoulder as that was where I was feeling the pain.
The physio gave me some exercises for me to repeat every 10 minutes and much to my surprise the movements got much easier and less painful each time I tried. I was, however, having to lift my left arm with my right hand as there was no power in the left arm at all at that stage.
When I left I was told I could reduce the exercises to hourly and given an appointment to see the physio again the following day (lunchtime today) . I was packed off with a load of painkillers and advised to take some before my appointment. No worries there!
Later that evening I found I could lift my left arm on it's own which made me feel much happier. I still have a long way to go and I am told it is likely to get worse again before it better but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Mim said...

I'm glad you're ok! I was thinking about you.

Dianne said...

Sally, exactly what is a manipulation?

I hope you are feeling better very soon. Sounds painful.

Sally T said...

Well, I'm not totally sure exactly what he did but from what I can gather the consultant grabbed hold of my arm while I was under general and gave it a good pull and a wiggle until he gets the full range of movement. When I came round it felt like he had ripped it off and sewn it back on again! Apparently the shoulder can simply shut down when it has suffered a trauma so that you are simply unable to move it. This is what is called a frozen shoulder. Sometimes it gets better by itself once the trauma has healed but sometimes it needs a 'helping hand' to free it up. Now I have to keep it moving with physio.

Linda said...

Well that sounds really painful. I'm glad to worst is behind you and that the physical therapy will do the trick. Thanks God for pain medication, eh?

John Bryson said...

Good luck! I bet the painkillers are straight up magnificent!

A Margarita said...

Oh wow, I hope your arm's doing better. Glad to hear things are looking up.