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25 November 2007

A Touch of Frost

One thing I really like about late autumn are really frosty mornings and clear, china blue skies. On such days I simply can't wait to get out on the heath with Brac. I've absolutely no idea if he appreciates the cold, he's always more frisky when it's biting cold but whether that is just to keep warm or an expression of happiness I can't say. I'm not sure I would be too keen to be running around with bare feet in freezing conditions but then nor do I enjoy sticking my nose up strange peoples bums! :-)
Frozen puddles certainly prove to be a challenge to him as he hasn't worked out yet that you simply can't stop or turn on ice like you can normally. Many a time he has completely lost his feet but that never seems to deter him or slow him up. Just all part of the fun.
The next few days are supposed to be milder which probably means damp and dreary but the weather does seem to be shaping up well for a decent winter so maybe soon we will get some snow.


Miriam said...

The heath, oh the heath! I want a heath to play on with my doggy :)

Sally T said...

Yes, I guess we are fairly lucky where we live in as much as we do have several good dog walking locations close bye despite being less than 20 miles from London. There are arable fields at the back of the house but they tend to get a bit muddy. The heath and a large wood within about a mile and a half. Another wood and some country parks within 5 miles. The downside is you are always aware of the constant drone from 3 motorways so it never completely feels like countryside. That's probably the reason why many dog walkers go around with Ipods stuck in their ears.

A Margarita said...

Miriam took my line - The heath! I want to be able to walk out my door unto a heath! As opposed to a smelly street, overburdened with people and shopping bags.

Also, you should try to get a pic of Brac flopping about on the ice. Sounds like he would still manage to look adorable while doing it :)

Sally T said...

I'll certainly give it a try :-)