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27 November 2007

10,000 flickr visitors

I've only been using flickr for 6 months but incredibly I had my 10,000th viewer to my photo stream today. I find that quite awesome and amazing. If any of you enjoy digital photography and haven't already done so you really ought to check flickr out. My skill as a photographer has expanded enormously since I have been sharing images on it. There are so many creative ideas out there to try. But more than that, it has encouraged me to experiment more with my photographs rather than simply file and forget them. Sharing ideas with other photographers gives me a real buzz too. Be warned, flickr can become addictive.


A Margarita said...

Congrats! I've been tempted to try flickr because I feel like everyone is using it, but it looks slightly intimidating.

Sally T said...

There's nothing to be intimidated about. You don't have to make your photos public. You can just upload them and select the people who can see them. Once you feel happy with the site you can go public. A few of my images are restricted but in the main I'm happy for anyone to see what I publish. It's a good way of getting feedback.