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28 May 2007


I saw this image on flickr and it's got to be a classic. How many mornings have you felt just like this? I can certainly identify with the lioness. Paul moans at me because I'm an 7-8 hours a night person when he survives on 5-6 hours. Mind you, there is a difference between living and surviving and I'm not the one that falls asleep when we go out anywhere in the evening. :-)
Paul is most definitely a lark to my owl, something that is becoming more obvious the older we get.


Linda said...

That is a great photo and I sometimes feel like that too. I also sleep more than my husband and am a bright morning person while he gets up later and goes to bed later but, like your husband, he always falls asleep in front of the TV or at movies. I am sure there must be couples on the same time clock and sleep meter but I don't know any.

Dianne said...

My husband and I look like this every morning since moving and being required to sleep on a queen size mattress due to lack of room. He isn't exactly a small man and I move around a lot and then, the dog joins us get the picture.

During the night, one of us ends up going to the sofa so we can get at least a little sleep.

Sally T said...

Oh yes, I've done that before. Mind you, Brac isn't allowed upstairs so at least that's one less on the bed. In fact, he sleeps outside in the kennel and probably gets the best nights sleep of all of us.

John Bryson said...

If I had a nickel for everytime I woke up wrapped around a log, I'd have around 1.05.