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09 May 2007

Sally Jane's Pet Portraits goes Global

This is my first pet portrait commission from Australia. She is an Australian cattle dog from New South Wales. Her owner confirmed today that the portrait arrived in the post in perfect condition so I'm quite relieved. I always worry about the post as it's the one part of the operation that I have no control over other than to keep piling on the bubble wrap!
Her owner is thrilled with her portrait I'm pleased to say and is thinking of getting one done of her husbands dog. I'm thrilled too because this was my first overseas commission. Hopefully one of many more to come.


A Margarita said...

Congrats! I think my baby girl needs to be immortalized too ;) She would love to see herself framed.

Sally T said...

If she has 4 legs I'm your gal :-)

John Bryson said...

Thank you so much for the compliments, but it is you who should be receiving praise for your portraits! Unbelievably good!

Sally T said...

Thank you. I've added a link to your blog so I can remember to keep track of your music.