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29 March 2007

Love 2 Lead question 12

Question - "Is Art More Valuable than Science?"

My answer - "I never considered them to be mutually exclusive."

Science is with us whether we embrace it or not. It is everything.

Art is man made. It’s a figment of our imaginations; a form of expression that probably predates language.

Art is not dependant on science nor science on art but they manage to live side by side without conflict and can even compliment each other. Fractals are a good example of science and art.

I am an artist but I am fascinated by science. I mainly use Photoshop as my medium. If it had not been for some very clever scientists developing the computer software like that would not exist.

I have to say I fail to see the point of the question. To me it is a bit like asking what’s better, a potato or the colour green?

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