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22 March 2007

Love 2 Lead Question 11

Question - Is Immigration Destroying National Identity?

My answer - What National Identity? I think we’ve destroyed that for ourselves.

It seems to me that being British is simply not PC. These days it seems we have to be European to be good citizens. But even that isn’t enough. We are now being encouraged to be culturally neutral so as not to offend anyone.

Immigrants are bearing the blame for this but it is really their fault? Are they the ones clamouring for us to change or are we just so scared of upsetting them that we are forcing the changes on ourselves. Let’s face it, the immigrants came here because they wanted to be here. Doesn’t that suggest that most of them liked the place as it is, warts and all? OK, so we do hear about a minority of immigrants that try to upset the status quo but I’m not sure this is reflective of the majority of them.

England has been invaded but immigrants since man first managed to float a boat. It is what has made us who we are so why should we suddenly start worrying about it now? What I believe upsets our population more than the immigrants is having policy makers forcing us to change our ways in order to fit in with our new neighbours. There is so much emphasis these days on keeping tags on everybody’s ethnic background so ensure that no one group is being discriminated against. Schools are discouraged from holding religious assemblies unless they are multi faith. Children are being prevented from wearing any religious symbols in school. Police forces have to discriminate against white European applicants in order to encourage more applicants from ethnic backgrounds. This is all crazy and does not help integration, quite the contrary, it gives us something to rebel against.

Although I don’t think we should fear genuine immigrants I do think we need to deal with illegal immigration swiftly and more effectively. Once a decision has been made to deport this should be done without hesitation. Those that are granted entry into the country should then be welcomed into the welfare system and helped to find employment. Once our immigration policy is seen by the world to be fair and decisive there would be fewer false applicants as we would cease to be seen as the soft target we currently are.

Embracing multiculturalism has made this country strong in the past but enforcing multiculturalism with tear it apart in the future.

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