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23 February 2007

Love 2 Lead question 7

Question - “Is hate a stronger emotion than love?”

My Answer - I would like to say “No” but…really I have to say “Yes”.

Let’s face it. If love was the stronger emotion there would not be so much war and genocide in the world.

  • Genuine love does not cause us to blow peoples brains out, drop bombs on them or fire bomb villages.

  • Hate can transcend generations even centuries but love dies with us.

  • Humans can hate people they have never seen so much they would kill or be killed for it. Few people have ever been credited with being capable of loving anyone they have never seen enough to die for.

I do, however, believe there are more people in the world motivated by love than there are people motivated by hate, thankfully. I also believe this is the only reason we haven’t completely destroyed ourselves…as yet. But, as the world population continues to rise and the worlds resources continue to deplete, I’m sure it is only a matter of time before hatred strikes one final blow.


The Love to Lead Team said...

Hey Sally,

Good article but a bit depressing, because sadly, i don't think it's that wide of the mark.

Surely though, love can transcend death as easily as hate. It must!

Am i just being romantic?

Sam L2L

Sally T said...

What I mean by love ending with death and hate continuing through generations is that when we love people our descendants don't unconditionally continue to love their descendants as we did. But when one group of people falls out with another group to the point they would kill each-other this often does go on down through the generations. Look at the IRA and the Loyalists. Their beef went on for 200 years and may not be over. Then there is the Israelis and the Palestinians. You could argue their hatred has gone since the time of Moses. Then there are the various warring factions in Africa etc, etc. It is depressing but like I say, they are still a minority of sick individuals but as love is generally passive it struggles to hold ground.

Thanks, Sam, for your comment.