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28 May 2009

Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-WinXP.exe

I hate it when my PC, or more correctly, software on my PC starts acting erratically. Today I noticed the hard drive seemed to be chugging through something even when nothing other than my browser was open. Added to that my mouse cursor kept flicking between normal and an hour glass symbol. I called up the task manager and in the processes window noticed a program kept popping up and disappearing again on my in time with the hour glass appearing. It was 'Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-WinXP.exe'. I quick search in the internet showed me this had something to do with Nokia PC Suite. I looked at my device manager which can be found under My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. It showed me that there was a problem with a connection to my mobile phone. Of course there would be a problem, it wasn't connected and so no connection was required however Nokia PC Suite seemed to think it should be connected. Nothing I did seemed to be able to sort the problem out. I didn't want to unistall the phone or PC Suite as I do use it regularly but I certainly don't want it running all the time, it doesn't normally. I tried a system restore but that had no effect either. Problem still remained. In the end I decided if you can't beat them, join them so I connected my phone. Initially Windows went through a 'New Hardware Found' routine and returned a fault but that cleared and the phone connected fine. I synchronised it just to make sure it was all working properly and then disconnected it. Hey presto the original problem cleared and everything was working normally again. No more 'Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.0-WinXP.exe' problems...or at least for today. I have no idea why this started and no doubt it will return but at least I now know a way to fix it.

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