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19 March 2008

Silly sheep...!

These sheep are engrossed. The have wandered across the field to try and understand the spectacle that is revealing itself before them. Believe it or not, it's Brac they are interested in and far from being concerned about his presence they seem completely mystified by him.
So why is Brac commanding so much attention? Because bored with me stopping to take photos of sheep he has wandered off through a scraggy hedge to my right and into a small coppice. There is a lot of growling and grunting going on with a few barks through in for good measure. I decide to take a look and see for myself what he is up to and the rest I thought worth photographing...
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As I turned around I saw the tip of Brac's tail slowly emerging from the hedge. By the time I get the camera focused he is half way out. He is clearly trying to retrieve something that he does not want to give up on and the frustration is very apparent.

Suddenly it all happens and he springs backwards with his spoils. It's one of the recently coppiced canes.

Having dog-handled it through the hedge he now feels his has won the right to parade with it up and down the path while the sheep still gaze at him in wonder.


A Margarita said...

Your dog makes me crave a dog of my own! I feel that would have been hilarious to watch. I say for the millionth time, he is such a cutie.

Miriam said...

Go Brac go! He certainly has some big ambitions! :)