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19 February 2008

The First Emperor

Sorry for not Blogging for a while. Been a bit busy on other things but more about that later.
I went to see the First Emperor exhibition with Paul last night at the British Museum. There were about a couple of dozen or so statues from China's Terracotta Army including horses and chariots. Although there were only a few statues at the exhibition you were able to get right up close to them which apparently you can't do in china. It was all pretty amazing but even more so when you consider that there are over 4,000 of these in place around the Emperor's tomb. Each one is different. It wasn't just men and horses either. He had bronzes made of all the bird life too. It really is an exhibition worth seeing if you get the chance but we were extra lucky because Paul is currently working for the sponsors of the Exhibition and so we were able to go to a special members viewing for free and without the queue.


Miriam said...

Wow that sounds amazing! Will it come to the states?

Sally T said...

I guess that depends on if your museums want it and how good the political relationship is between the US and china at the time. :-)

A Margarita said...

Welcome back! Sounds great. Is the British Museum in London? I may be visiting some friends in April or May.

Sally T said...

Well the exhibition runs until the 6th April. Let me know if you do come over, maybe we can meet up?

A Margarita said...

Sounds lovely :)