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27 October 2007

It's a Red One!

Today was the last South East England open obedience show of the season. Nothing now for about 6 months. It was also one of the few shows I had managed to enter this year. We had a disastrous beginning and I was all for writing the year off but as the this show at Ardingly in Sussex is a kind of tradition for us to end the season on I decided to enter anyway. Just as well I did because the 'boy came good'. We have won our first Beginners class. We need two wins in this class to move up but the second will have to wait for next season. I am over the moon and now feel more motivated to continue next year. Mind you, I have to say I didn't think he worked that well but I deliberately didn't hang around to watch the others compete and by all accounts they weren't up to much. Now I just have to buy cakes for everyone at the dog club. It's about time I got to buy the cakes :-)


Mim said...

Yay Go Brac! That's awesome.

A Margarita said...

Woooo! Congrats! He looks so handsome on that pedestal :)

Sally T said... will go to his head :-)

Anonymous said...

::gasp:: Wait...did you train your puppy yourself?

Sally T said...

Well, with some coaching from a professional dog trainer that I go to once a week. I try and train Brac every day usually when I take him for his walks so there are other dogs around. He has to get used to working with distractions.