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07 September 2007

Under the Weather

Poor Brac is feeling a little under the weather. Not that you would notice if you hadn't seen him being sick. He started vomiting yesterday but only little bits so I didn't think too much of it especially as he had not lost his appetite nor his 'joi-de-vive'. I even took him to agility last night and he was as excitable as ever. Today he brought up all his breakfast so it was off to the vets. He greeted the vet in his normal buoyant and enthusiastic manner as if there was nothing what so ever wrong. the vet found no obvious symptoms of anything wrong so she prescribed antibiotics and a diet of chicken and rice for the next few meals. Hopefully he'll keep that down or we'll have to go back again.
AS for me, I had my first hydrotherapy session this week which went well but I'm still not managing to get any more movement back in my arm yet. The nights have been quite uncomfortable as it aches so much when I lie down despite the pain killers. The physio didn't seem to concerned about that when I told her, seems that's normal. Lets hope 'normal' meant it will pass fairly soon. In the mean time she's upped my exercises with a couple I find impossible to do (and not sure I could if I was fit either!)


A Margarita said...

Ooo, I hope Brac feels better soon! It's great that it hasn't affected his spirits at all. That picture is quite hypnotic. Brac's eyes are a beautiful shade. They seem to draw you in.

I'm sure, given time, the arm will be back to normal sooner than you know it :)

Linda said...

It's awful when pain keeps you awake at night. I hope it is better soon and that your dog is fine. My cat throws up all of the time-always has.