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04 February 2005

Picasa 'Hello'

For any of you how haven't yet used this program, you are really missing out. It has got to be the most easy and fun way of sharing photographs since the digital age. The whole system is simplicity itself and it only take a few seconds to share any number of photograps so much quicker than e-mail or even publishing them to a web page. Better still, you can chat to your friend MSM style while you are doing it and even see the images they are looking at at the time.
I have been using it to spaw photograps and chat with a cousin of mine on the other side of the globe. In two days we have swapped more information and know each other better than we ever did in 6 years of e-mail!
'Hello' is a totally free program which seems to be free of any advertising or spam (that I have noticed anyway). To get a copy of the program, if you don't already have it, go to the web site at
Sorry this sounds like an advert, but I really think this is something that will catch on and deservedly so.

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